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Fixed #82. Made the partitioner conservative, meaning no attempt is m…

…ade to be

smart about partitioning changes: it always assumes partitioning has changed. Should be ok
for relatively small documents as the worksheet is using.
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1 parent 693b47b commit 1d1d4a79a842959356cfeed3f4d81efe27f9efc9 @dragos dragos committed Sep 17, 2012
5 org.scalaide.worksheet/src/org/scalaide/worksheet/editor/ScriptDocumentProvider.scala
@@ -16,7 +16,10 @@ class ScriptDocumentProvider extends FileDocumentProvider {
doc match {
case docExt: IDocumentExtension3 =>
- val partitioner = new ScalaDocumentPartitioner
+ // TODO: maybe it's not necessary to be conservative. This makes the partitioner
+ // always return 'true' when asked about changed partitioning. Fixes #82, that
+ // lost colorization when entering a new line between an expression and its result
+ val partitioner = new ScalaDocumentPartitioner(conservative=true)
docExt.setDocumentPartitioner(ScalaPartitioning.SCALA_PARTITIONING, partitioner)

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