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implicitis in companion not found for classes defined in worksheet #104

lrytz opened this Issue · 1 comment

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for classes defined in the worksheet file (inside the worksheet object, or also outside), the compiler does not find implicits in the companion object.

package p

object sheet {
  def fooC(implicit c: C) = 0                     //> fooC: (implicit c: p.C)Int
  fooC        // OK, C is defined in project      //> res0: Int = 0

  def fooD(implicit d: D) = 1                     //> fooD: (implicit d: p.D)Int
//  fooD      // does not work

  class E
  object E {
    implicit val e = new E

  def fooE(implicit e: E) = 2                     //> fooE: (implicit e: p.sheet.E)Int
//  fooE      // does not work

class D
object D {
  implicit val d = new D

Probably something is wrong with the classpath for compiling the worksheet source. Need to check.

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