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A Scala IDE plugin for a multi-line REPL (called worksheet)
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Scala Worksheet plugin

A simple worksheet implementation for Scala IDE. It is a glorified editor, with the option of evaluating the script and placing the results of each expression in a comment on the same line.

There are 5 Eclipse plugins:

  • the plugin itself
  • the plugin.tests fragment
  • an Eclipse feature
  • an Eclipse source feature
  • an Eclipse update-site

The projects can readily be imported inside Eclipse. Additionally, you have maven pom files based on Tycho, enabling command line builds.


There are several profiles for choosing what version of the Scala IDE and Scala compiler you want to build against:

  • scala-ide-2.0-scala-2.9
  • scala-ide-2.0.x-scala-2.9
  • scala-ide-master-scala-2.9
  • scala-ide-master-scala-trunk

Run maven like this:

mvn -P scala-ide-master-scala-trunk clean install
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