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Build the Worksheet

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How to build

The build is based on Maven and Tycho. There are several profiles to account for the different version of our dependencies:

  • Scala IDE (stable, dev or nightly)
  • Scala (2.9, 2.10 or 2.11)
  • Eclipse (indigo or juno)

You should check the existing profiles directly in the parent's POM. But let's have an example of how you can compose the different profiles.

Say you want to build the worksheet for the Scala IDE nightly bundled with Scala 2.10, for Eclipse indigo. Here is the Maven command you should enter:

mvn -P scala-2.10.x -P scala-ide-nightly -P eclipse-indigo clean install

What if instead you wanted to build the worksheet against the latest available stable release, instead of a nightly? That's easy as well, just change the profile used to locate the targeted Scala IDE (i.e., replace scala-ide-nightly with scala-ide-stable):

mvn -P scala-2.10.x -P scala-ide-stable -P indigo clean install

That's it.

And if you have any trouble building the worksheet, just drop us a note in the scala-ide-dev ML

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