Adding a new preference

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Adding a new preference

Add new preference descriptor

Edit PreferenceDescriptor.scala:

case object PlaceScaladocAsterisksBeneathSecondAsterisk extends BooleanPreferenceDescriptor {
  val key = "placeScaladocAsterisksBeneathSecondAsterisk"
  val description = "Place Scaladoc asterisks beneath the second asterisk in the opening '/**', as opposed to the first"
  val defaultValue = false

Also add to AllPreferences list in same file.

Add to README.rst

  • Add block about the preference
  • Add to table for Scala style guide
  • Add to command-line args

Add to Maven plug-in

MojoFormatter.scala and

Update Eclipse

After pushing to master and nightly has been built, can change FormatterPreferencePage.scala to add preference to appropriate tab.


After publishing new Scalariform version, update etc/manual.ltx and src/main/scala/org/ensime/config/ProjectConfig.scala with new prefs