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refined auto project ID to prepend 'root-' if initial character is nu…

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commit 7992997ac14894d0fbd8028a1f48768387fceab2 1 parent b8ff4ca
@harrah harrah authored
Showing with 6 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +6 −5 main/src/main/scala/sbt/Project.scala
11 main/src/main/scala/sbt/Project.scala
@@ -163,19 +163,20 @@ object Project extends ProjectExtra
/** Returns None if `id` is a valid Project ID or Some containing the parser error message if it is not.*/
def validProjectID(id: String): Option[String] = DefaultParsers.parse(id, DefaultParsers.ID).left.toOption
+ private[this] def validProjectIDStart(id: String): Boolean = DefaultParsers.parse(id, DefaultParsers.IDStart).isRight
/** Constructs a valid Project ID based on `id` and returns it in Right or returns the error message in Left if one cannot be constructed.*/
def normalizeProjectID(id: String): Either[String, String] =
- // TODO: better attempt
- val attempt = id.toLowerCase.replaceAll("""\W+""", "-")
- validProjectID(attempt).toLeft(attempt)
+ val attempt = normalizeBase(id)
+ val refined = if(!validProjectIDStart(attempt.substring(0, 1)) ) "root-" + attempt else attempt
+ validProjectID(refined).toLeft(refined)
+ private[this] def normalizeBase(s: String) = s.toLowerCase.replaceAll("""\W+""", "-")
/** Normalize a String so that it is suitable for use as a dependency management module identifier.
* This is a best effort implementation, since valid characters are not documented or consistent.*/
- def normalizeModuleID(id: String): String = id.toLowerCase.replaceAll("""\W+""", "-")
+ def normalizeModuleID(id: String): String = normalizeBase(id)
def resolved(id: String, base: File, aggregate: => Seq[ProjectRef], dependencies: => Seq[ResolvedClasspathDependency], delegates: => Seq[ProjectRef],
settings: Seq[Def.Setting[_]], configurations: Seq[Configuration], auto: AddSettings): ResolvedProject =
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