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Docs: note JLine/Ansi changes

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@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ Features, fixes, changes with compatibility implications (incomplete, please hel
- sbt no longer canonicalizes files passed to scalac. (gh-723)
- sbt now enforces that each project must have a unique ``target`` directory.
- sbt no longer overrides the Scala version in dependencies. This allows independent configurations to depend on different Scala versions and treats Scala dependencies other than scala-library as normal dependencies. However, it can result in resolved versions other than ``scalaVersion`` for those other Scala libraries.
+- JLine is now configured differently for Cygwin. See :doc:`/Getting-Started/Setup`.
+- Jline and Ansi codes work better on Windows now. CI servers might have to explictly disable Ansi codes via ``-Dsbt.log.format=false``.

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