An sbt plugin to manage JS dependencies in Scala.js, in the good old script style
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sbt-jsdependencies is an sbt plugin allowing to declare dependencies on JavaScript libraries in Scala.js projects. Dependencies are based on WebJars. sbt-jsdependencies follows the good old "script style" of JavaScript dependencies, in which JS libraries are simply concatenated together.

sbt-jsdependencies is not particularly recommended for new projects. Most projects should use scalajs-bundler instead, which provides saner dependencies through npm. Advantages of scalajs-bundler over sbt-jsdependencies include:

  • Support for transitive dependencies through npm
  • Smart bundling with webpack
  • Support for CommonJS modules in Scala.js
  • No ambiguity issues related to the same .js file being present several times on the classpath

This repository contains sbt-jsdependencies for Scala.js 1.x. In Scala.js 0.6.x, the jsDependencies sbt setting is part of the core distribution.