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Summer of LMS 2014

Tracking progress of ongoing LMS Hackathon.

New website

Virtualization with macros


How to help with porting LMS

  • Get and install the macro-based Scala-Virtualized

    • git clone -b scala-virtualized scala-virtualized
    • cd scala-virtualized; sbt publish-local
  • Get the macro-trans branch of LMS, which contains the work-in-progress port

    • git clone -b macro-trans lms-macro-trans
    • cd lms-macro-trans
    • sbt test
  • Pick a disabled file in the tests. These start with /*TODO DISABLED

    • grep "^/\*TODO DISABLED" test-src/epfl/*/*scala
  • FYI, some source files might also still be disabled. As with test files, they start with /*TODO DISABLED

    • grep "^/\*TODO DISABLED" src/*/*scala
  • Steps to port a disabled file:

    • Uncomment it.
    • sbt test
    • Uncomment any other required files.
    • sbt test
    • Fix until green.
  • Guidelines

    • Only commit and push when sbt test is completely green. Travis watches.
    • Use NOTE(trans) and TODO(trans) in comments to document anything related to the transition.
    • Use TODO(cleanup) in comments to document anything that you notice that needs fixing but is unrelated to the transition.
    • See the macro-trans branch history for some inspiration.