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Scala Native 0.3.5

@densh densh released this
· 638 commits to master since this release
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This release focuses on performance and stability improvements, keeping backwards binary compatibility with previous releases in 0.3.x series. It includes exactly the same changes as 0.3.4, with a hotfix for broken sbt 1.0 plugin.

Note: See also 0.3.6.

Performance improvements 👟

#1084 Devirtualize trait methods with 1 or less implementations (by @densh)
#1085 #1114 Improve heuristic for heap growth in Immix GC (by @densh)
#1088 Use AnyRefMap as a foundation for java.util.HashMap (by @densh)
#1089 Faster String::{equals, hashCode} (by @densh)

Library improvements 📚

#1080 Port of java.nio buffers and tests from Scala.js (by @asoltysik)
#1093 Implement posix syslog extern bindings (by @adam-singer)
#1107 Add chdir to posix/unistd bindings (by @wookietreiber)

Tooling improvements 🔧

#1039 #1096 Add support for sbt 1.0 (by @MasseGuillaume)
#1075 Add support Scala 2.11.12 (by @ekrich)
#1051 Automatically detect LLVM 5.0 binaries (by @ekrich)

Bugfixes 🐛

#1009 #1057 Improve stability of GlobalBoxingElimination pass (by @densh)
#1013 #1031 Make sure sbt test works if no tests are present (by @ekrich)
#1015 Use JavaConverters instead of JavaConversions in javalib (by @piotrkwiecinski)
#1019 Shift should always coerce to left hand side type (by @densh)
#1021 Make UTF-8 decoder initialization lazy (by @densh)
#1024 Fix resource leaks in java.nio.file (by @Daemonhost)
#1026 #1112 Add support for System.getProperty("user.home") (by @ekrich)
#1027 Add support for ArrayList.contains (by @cquiroz)
#1037 java.lang.String.toCase should consider String's offset (by @Daemonhost)
#1043 Fix signature for sleep in unistd.h bindings (by @Daemonhost)
#1044 Make InetAddress a concrete class instead of abstract (by @asoltysik)
#1047 Double.parseDouble and and Float.parseFloat throw NumberFormatException when given bad data (by @longshorej)
#1048 Fix the slow execution of the CfChainsSimplification pass (by @hkapp)
#1081 Add Fedora setup to the docs and fix typos (by @pbatko)
#1101 Simplify stack trace element caching (by @densh)
#1105 Report error on extern function without return type (by @pbatko)
#1109 Use correct naming for libc math macros (by @techaddict)

Contributors 👥

According to git shortlog -sn --no-merges v0.3.3..v0.3.5, 15 people contributed to this release: Denys Shabalin, Eric K Richardson, Victor Burkhovetskiy, Adam Singer, Andrzej Sołtysik, Pawel Batko, Christian Krause, Hugo Kapp, Jason Longshore, Martin Duhem, Carlos Quiroz, Piotr Kwiecinski, Sandeep Singh, Shunsuke Otani, Guillaume Massé.

Thank you all! 🍰