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@densh densh released this Dec 28, 2017 · 263 commits to master since this release

This release focuses on performance and stability improvements, keeping backwards binary compatibility with previous releases in 0.3.x series. It includes exactly the same changes as 0.3.4, with a hotfix for broken sbt 1.0 plugin.

Note: See also 0.3.6.

Performance improvements 👟

#1084 Devirtualize trait methods with 1 or less implementations (by @densh)
#1085 #1114 Improve heuristic for heap growth in Immix GC (by @densh)
#1088 Use AnyRefMap as a foundation for java.util.HashMap (by @densh)
#1089 Faster String::{equals, hashCode} (by @densh)

Library improvements 📚

#1080 Port of java.nio buffers and tests from Scala.js (by @asoltysik)
#1093 Implement posix syslog extern bindings (by @adam-singer)
#1107 Add chdir to posix/unistd bindings (by @wookietreiber)

Tooling improvements 🔧

#1039 #1096 Add support for sbt 1.0 (by @MasseGuillaume)
#1075 Add support Scala 2.11.12 (by @ekrich)
#1051 Automatically detect LLVM 5.0 binaries (by @ekrich)

Bugfixes 🐛

#1009 #1057 Improve stability of GlobalBoxingElimination pass (by @densh)
#1013 #1031 Make sure sbt test works if no tests are present (by @ekrich)
#1015 Use JavaConverters instead of JavaConversions in javalib (by @piotrkwiecinski)
#1019 Shift should always coerce to left hand side type (by @densh)
#1021 Make UTF-8 decoder initialization lazy (by @densh)
#1024 Fix resource leaks in java.nio.file (by @Daemonhost)
#1026 #1112 Add support for System.getProperty("user.home") (by @ekrich)
#1027 Add support for ArrayList.contains (by @cquiroz)
#1037 java.lang.String.toCase should consider String's offset (by @Daemonhost)
#1043 Fix signature for sleep in unistd.h bindings (by @Daemonhost)
#1044 Make InetAddress a concrete class instead of abstract (by @asoltysik)
#1047 Double.parseDouble and and Float.parseFloat throw NumberFormatException when given bad data (by @longshorej)
#1048 Fix the slow execution of the CfChainsSimplification pass (by @hkapp)
#1081 Add Fedora setup to the docs and fix typos (by @pbatko)
#1101 Simplify stack trace element caching (by @densh)
#1105 Report error on extern function without return type (by @pbatko)
#1109 Use correct naming for libc math macros (by @techaddict)

Contributors 👥

According to git shortlog -sn --no-merges v0.3.3..v0.3.5, 15 people contributed to this release: Denys Shabalin, Eric K Richardson, Victor Burkhovetskiy, Adam Singer, Andrzej Sołtysik, Pawel Batko, Christian Krause, Hugo Kapp, Jason Longshore, Martin Duhem, Carlos Quiroz, Piotr Kwiecinski, Sandeep Singh, Shunsuke Otani, Guillaume Massé.

Thank you all! 🍰

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