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@densh densh released this Apr 23, 2019

This release has been championed by @ekrich to enable ekrich/sconfig and scalameta/scalafmt cross-compiling to Scala Native 0.3.x. Special thanks to him for this effort! 👏

Library improvements 📚

#1419 Add forwarders to support sconfig and scalafmt (by @ekrich)
#1429 Move UnicodeBlock and Subset under Character object (by @thesamet)
#1452 Add java.util.IdentityHashMap (by @ekrich)
#1488 Enhance to support URI (by @ekrich)
#1489 Add minimal java.time.Duration (by @ekrich)
#1490 Add unimplemented method to java.util.Properties (by @ekrich)
#1492 Add stubs to URL and URLConnection (by @ekrich)
#1514 Add a few more forwarders to scalafmt to link (by @densh)

Bugfixes 🐛

#1486 Support assignment to extern variables (by @jonas)

Contributors 👥

According to git shortlog -sn --no-merges v0.3.8..v0.3.9, 4 people contributed to this release: Eric K Richardson, Denys Shabalin, Jonas Fonseca, Nadav Samet.

Thank you all! 🍰

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