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Releases: scala-network/scala-electron-gui

Scala Electron Wallet 7.9.0 "Panthera Tigris"

21 Sep 11:39
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Scala Electron GUI v7.9.0 contains a number of bug fixes and update remote nodes.

Update is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.

Scala Electron Wallet 2.0.0 "V7 Panthera"

01 Aug 06:23
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Scala Team is happy to present v4.0.0.0, V7 Panthera, the latest iteration and complete overhaul of the Scala platform.

This update includes :

  • LdPoW - A custom version of dPoW that will help against malicious attacks as well as help in increasing the sync speed of the daemon.
  • An overhaul of the Scala wallet which will help increase performance.
  • Updated DefyX to Panthera - the algorithm now includes Yespower instead of Yescrypt which helps both security and reliability.
  • Updated Scala with the latest XMR release containing bug fixes and new features.
  • Completely reworked economics and emissions to help further benefit the users of the platform.

V7 WILL NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH V6, OR ANY PRIOR VERSION. This update requires a mandatory coin swap for ALL Scala users and holders. Please download and install the new wallet. Also be sure to update your mining software to the latest version of XLArig.

Scala Electron Wallet 1.5.0 "V6 Himalaya"

16 Jan 18:56
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Scala Electron GUI 1.5.0 contains a number of bug fixes and improvements some of them are given below.

  • Updated DefyX to RandomX v1.1.7

  • A full blown IPFS daemon integration into the Scala Daemon, along with the official IPFS web interface. IPFS based checkpointing system for increase speed during initial sync as well as dynamic checkpoints for fending off wrong alt-chains.

  • Some important sync fixes which helps daemons which periodically goes off track.

  • This release is a pre-release as of now as it contains a lot of experimental features and patches, there might be more releases coming in the next few weeks to make sure everything goes smoothly. That being said if you do experience issues with the 1.4.0 wallet, you can take a look at this version as it helps a lot in a lot of situations.

Scala Electron Wallet 1.4.0 "V6 Himalaya"

27 Oct 17:06
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This is a highly recommended but non mandatory update.

  • Includes 1.3.0 daemon
  • Includes sync issues fixes
  • New RandomX integration

Scala Electron Wallet 1.3.0 "V6 Himalaya"

20 Sep 09:39
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Merge branch 'master' of…


Scala Electron Wallet 1.2.2 "V6 Himalaya"

13 Aug 20:37
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The first release of an Electron Wallet for Scala.