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Scala Vienna UG Webapp

Build Status

This is the Play application that powers the web presence of the Vienna Scala User Group!

##Feature Highlights

  • Integration with the Meetup API to display events, photos, ...
  • Talk detail pages rendered from Markdown files with metadata and related tagged photos from extracted from the Meetup API
  • "Blog" section aggregates user group member blog entries via their RSS feeds

Getting started with development

  • Grab and install Play
  • Install the Chrome tools to get the auto-reloading benefits
  • Check your API key here
  • Configure the Meetup API authentication (see Getting a Meetup API Key):
    • export MEETUP_API_KEY=<your API key>
  • Optional: configure a different Meetup group ID in the meetup.groupId key in the application.conf file
  • Configure GitHub API authentication. It you are part of the Scala Vienna GitHub organization you will be able to access the client id and the client secret keys in the "Applications" section. Otherwise asks us to be added or generate your own keys.
    • export GITHUB_AUTH_CLIENT_ID=<the GitHub application client id>
    • export GITHUB_AUTH_CLIENT_SECRET=<the GitHub application secret>
  • Use activator to start the app


We use Travis CI to automatically deploy to Heroku:

Feature Pipeline

We have even more cool stuff coming up! ;-)


  • This software is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License which you find in the file named LICENSE.txt in this repository.
  • Aggregated content (blog posts, talk slides, ...) are copyright to their respective owners.