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Mark all the generated methods with an annotation #11407

szhem opened this Issue Feb 19, 2019 · 3 comments


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szhem commented Feb 19, 2019

Introduce a runtime annotation inserted on all the generated methods by scalac.

It will help to distinguish user-written methods and compiler-generated methods from each other that can be useful for code analysis tools e.g. code coverage ones.

For example, jacoco uses bytecode instrumentation to analyze code coverage (so that theoretically any language that runs on top of jvm can benefit from it) and such an annotation available at runtime can be pretty useful to exclude compiler-generated methods and fields from the coverage reports.


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hrhino commented Feb 19, 2019

Shouldn't we be marking synthetic methods as ACC_SYNTHETIC anyways? Does JaCoCo ignore that flag?


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szhem commented Feb 19, 2019

JaCoCo is pretty flexible and can be extended to support it, but care should be taken when marking generated methods with ACC_SYNTHETIC.

Here are some details
Consider java8 lambda expression (18:36 on the timeline)

... that is translated into invokedynamic instruction (18:56 on the timeline)

... that calls generated synthetic method lambda$fun$0 (19:12 on the timeline)

... that in its order has ACC_SYNTHETIC flag set and contains instructions of the user provided code.

So in case of simple exclusion of the ACC_SYNTHETIC methods (19:53 on the timeline) coverage report will not include user-provided code

On the other hand in case of preserving synthetic method and a little bit of "hacking" the tools shows 100% coverage (20:24 on the timeline)

Generally speaking ACC_SYNTHETIC is fine for compiler-generated code that does not include instructions of user-provided code (e.g. case classes, mix-ins, auto-generated accessors, etc.)


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Godin commented Feb 19, 2019

@hrhino @szhem while JaCoCo ignores all methods with attribute synthetic except ones that represent bodies of lambda expressions in Java and ones that represent suspending functions and contain default arguments in Kotlin,

IMO you can't mark generated equals, hashCode etc in case classes as synthetic, because then they won't be accessible from Java - here is example to back these words:

given javap -v -p Example.class

  public Example();
    descriptor: ()V
    flags: ACC_PUBLIC
      stack=1, locals=1, args_size=1
         0: aload_0
         1: invokespecial #8                  // Method java/lang/Object."<init>":()V
         4: return

  public static void add();
    descriptor: ()V
      stack=2, locals=2, args_size=0
         0: return

attempt to compile

class Test {
  void test1() {
    new Example();

  void test2() {
    new Example().add();

results in

$ javac -cp . error: cannot find symbol
    new Example().add();
  symbol:   method add()
  location: class Example
1 error

For the reference this ticket is triggered by the following discussion started by @szhem in JaCoCo Mailing List -

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