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Want to be part of this project but don’t know what you can do to help? You should have a look at the low hanging fruit issues!

Where is the code?

When we talk about “the new collections” we could be referring to the following projects:

  • the collections themselves (hosted in the scala/scala repository),
  • the compatibility library (hosted in the scala/scala-collection-compat repository), which provide the new APIs to the old collections, so that code that takes advantage of the new collections can still cross-compile with 2.12 and older Scala version,
  • the scalafix rewrite rules (hosted in the scala/scala-collection-compat repository), which adapt code that were using the old collections to the new collections,
  • the contrib library (hosted in the scala/scala-collection-contrib repository), which is an incubator for new operations and new collections.

Please refer to the contributing guidelines of the hosting repository of the project you want to contribute to.