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Clarify that this is mostly Lightbend-run, and why

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This repository contains configuration files that enable us to build and test
a corpus of Scala open source projects together using Lightbend's
[dbuild]( This project is financed and
primarily maintained by Lightbend, as part of our overall maintenance of the
Scala compiler and standard library.

**How big is it?**
It's **3.2 million lines** of Scala code, total,
from **185 projects** (as of January 2019),
and takes about **15 hours** to run.

**Why do this?** The main goal is to guard against regressions in new
versions of Scala (language, standard library, and modules). It's also
versions of Scala (language, standard library, and modules), as a complement
to the regression test suite that we maintain in scala/scala. It's also
a service to the open source community, providing early notice of
issues and incompatibilities.

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