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Scaladoc is Scala's main documentation tool. Scaladoc is a documentation system that lives in the comments of Scala source code and which generates documentation related to the code structure within which it is written. It is based on other comment based documentation systems like Javadoc.

There are three aspects of Scaladoc documentation:

  • [Using the Scaladoc interface]({{ site.baseurl }}/overviews/scaladoc/interface.html) – how to navigate and use generated Scaladoc documentation to learn more about a library.
  • [Scaladoc for Library Authors]({{ site.baseurl }}/overviews/scaladoc/for-library-authors.html) – how to add Scaladoc comments to generate documentation for your library.
  • [Generating documentation for your library with Scaladoc]({{ site.baseurl }}/overviews/scaladoc/generate.html) – how to use Scaladoc to generate documentation for your library.
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