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import sbt._
import Keys._
import com.typesafe.packager.Keys._
import sbt.Keys._
import com.typesafe.packager.PackagerPlugin._
import collection.mutable.ArrayBuffer
object ScalaWindowsPackaging {
def generateWindowsXml(version: String, dir: File, examplesDir: File, winDir: File): scala.xml.Node = {
val (binIds, binDirXml) = {
val bindir = dir / "bin"
val files = (bindir.*** --- bindir).get
files.foldLeft[(Seq[String], scala.xml.NodeSeq)](Vector.empty[String] -> (<!-- bin files -->)) { (p, file) =>
val (oldids: Seq[String], oldxml: scala.xml.NodeSeq) = p
val (ids, xml) = generateComponentsAndDirectoryXml(file, "bin_")
(oldids ++ ids, oldxml ++ xml)
val (srcIds, srcDirXml) = generateComponentsAndDirectoryXml(dir / "src", "src_")
val (libIds, libDirXml) = generateComponentsAndDirectoryXml(dir / "lib")
val (miscIds, miscDirXml) = generateComponentsAndDirectoryXml(dir / "misc")
val docdir = dir / "doc"
val (readmeId, readmeXml) = generateComponentsAndDirectoryXml(docdir / "README")
val (licenseId, licenseXml) = generateComponentsAndDirectoryXml(docdir / "LICENSE")
val develdocdir = docdir / "scala-devel-docs"
val (apiIds, apiDirXml) = generateComponentsAndDirectoryXml(develdocdir / "api", "api_")
val (exampleIds, exampleDirXml) = generateComponentsAndDirectoryXml(examplesDir, "ex_")
val (tooldocIds, tooldocDirXml) = generateComponentsAndDirectoryXml(develdocdir / "tools", "tools_")
(<Wix xmlns=''>
<Product Id='7606e6da-e168-42b5-8345-b08bf774cb30'
Name='The Scala Programming Language'
Manufacturer='LAMP/EPFL and Typesafe, Inc.'
<Package Description='Scala Programming Language.'
Comments='Scala Progamming language for use in Windows.'
Manufacturer='LAMP/EPFL and Typesafe, Inc.'
<Media Id='1' Cabinet='' EmbedCab='yes' />
<Directory Id='TARGETDIR' Name='SourceDir'>
<Directory Id='ProgramMenuFolder'>
<Directory Id='ApplicationProgramsFolder' Name='scala'/>
<Directory Id='ProgramFilesFolder' Name='PFiles'>
<Directory Id='INSTALLDIR' Name='scala'>
<Directory Id='bindir' Name='bin'>
{ binDirXml }
<Component Id='ScalaBinPath' Guid='244b8829-bd74-40ff-8c1d-5717be94538d'>
<Environment Id="PATH" Name="PATH" Value="[INSTALLDIR]\bin" Permanent="no" Part="last" Action="set" System="yes" />
<Directory Id='DOCDIRECTORY' Name='doc'>
<Directory Id='EXAMPLEDIRECTORY' Name='examples'>
<DirectoryRef Id='ApplicationProgramsFolder'>
<Component Id='ApiShortcut' Guid='1607077c-58ca-4b4a-ac82-277a83b9360a'>
<Shortcut Id="ApplicationStartMenuShortcut"
Name='Scala API Documentation'
Description='Scala library API documentation (web)'
<RemoveFolder Id="ApplicationProgramsFolder" On="uninstall"/>
<RegistryValue Root='HKCU' Key='Software\Microsoft\scala' Name='installed' Type='integer' Value='1' KeyPath='yes'/>
<Feature Id='Complete' Title='The Scala Programming Language' Description='The windows installation of the Scala Programming Language'
Display='expand' Level='1' ConfigurableDirectory='INSTALLDIR'>
<Feature Id='lang' Title='The core scala language.' Level='1' Absent='disallow'>
{ for(ref <- (binIds ++ libIds ++ miscIds ++ licenseId ++ readmeId)) yield <ComponentRef Id={ref}/> }
<Feature Id='ScalaPathF' Title='Update system PATH' Description='This will add scala binaries (scala, scalac, scaladoc, scalap) to your windows system path.' Level='1'>
<ComponentRef Id='ScalaBinPath'/>
<Feature Id='fdocs' Title='Documentation for the Scala library' Description='This will install the Scala documentation.' Level='1'>
<Feature Id='fapi' Title='API Documentation' Description='Scaladoc API html.' Level='1'>
{ for(ref <- apiIds) yield <ComponentRef Id={ref}/> }
<Feature Id='fapilink' Title='Start Menu link' Description='Menu shortcut to Scala API documentation.' Level='1'>
<ComponentRef Id='ApiShortcut'/>
<Feature Id='ftooldoc' Title='Tool documentation' Description='Manuals for scala, scalac, scaladoc, etc.' Level='1'>
{ for(ref <- tooldocIds) yield <ComponentRef Id={ref}/> }
<Feature Id='fexample' Title='Example Code' Description='Scala code examples.' Level='100'>
{ for(ref <- exampleIds) yield <ComponentRef Id={ref}/> }
<Feature Id='fsrc' Title='Sources' Description='This will install the Scala source files for the binaries.' Level='100'>
{ for(ref <- srcIds) yield <ComponentRef Id={ref}/> }
DowngradeErrorMessage="A later version of [ProductName] is already installed. Setup will no exit."/>
<UIRef Id="WixUI_FeatureTree"/>
<UIRef Id="WixUI_ErrorProgressText"/>
<WixVariable Id="WixUILicenseRtf" Value={(winDir / "License.rtf").getAbsolutePath } />
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