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Scala 2.12.4 is now available!

Scala 2.12.4 is now available.

Our benchmarks show a further reduction in compile times since 2.12.3 of 5-10%.

Improved Java 9 friendliness, with more to come!

  • #6097 Fix runtime reflection of empty package members under Java 9
  • #6098 Adapt to change in Java 9 classloader hierarchy

We'd like to highlight a few of the excellent contributions by @hrhino and @TomasMikula, with previews of improvements coming in 2.13 (available now under -Xsource:2.13):

  • #5867 Include the parts of a compound/refinement type in implicit scope
  • #6074 Resolve implicit instances for abstract types, according to the spec
  • #6069 Higher-kinded type variable unification

The full release notes are on GitHub.