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Add an Event

To add an event to the front page, fork this repository and create a file in the _posts subdirectory.

The file must be named yyyy-mm-dd-abc.md, where yyyy-mm-dd is the starting date of the event, and abc is some slug for the name of the event.

For example, the Strange Loop 2013 event, starting on September 18, is stored in a file named 2013-09-18-strange-loop.md.

The content of the file describes data about the event, which will be used by a generator and a template engine to render the event in HTML. Here is an example that you can copy-and-paste.

category: event
title: Strange Loop
logo: https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/1883816998/slsquare.jpg
location: St Louis
description: Hey, it's pretty good.
start: 18 September 2013
end: 20 September 2013
link-out: http://thestrangeloop.com/

And a small description of each field, in case it is not already obvious:

  • category: event, this is obligatory, don't leave it out!
  • title: short title of the event
  • logo: URL of the logo of the event. It should be a square image which follows the below rules.
  • location: obvious
  • description: a longer description of the event. It does not appear on the front page per se, but could be useful some day
  • start and end: first and last day of the event, in the format shown above, i.e., dd Month yyyy
  • link-out: URL of the event website

The ending date is optional, and defaults to the starting date.

When you are done, send us a pull request!

Logo Images

It's easiest to just include actual image files for your logo in your pull request. To do this, you must upload two images:

  1. a "normal" logo, 40 x 40 pixels. Named, for example, like so: my-conference.png (pngs and jpgs are OK to upload)
  2. a "retina" logo, 80 x 80 pixels, the same as the "normal" logo, just 2x larger. Named, for example, like so: my-conference@2x.png. (Note that it must be identically named to the "normal" logo, but with @2x in addition.)

Including a relative path to a logo looks like this:

category: event
title: ICFP
logo: /resources/img/icfp.png
location: Boston
description: International Conference on Functional Programming
start: 25 September 2013
end: 27 October 2013
link-out: http://icfpconference.org/icfp2013/