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Add a Training

To add a training session to the front page, fork this repository and create a file in the top-level _trainings/ subdirectory.

The file must be named yyyy-mm-dd-abc.md, where yyyy-mm-dd is the starting date of the training, and abc is some slug for the name of the training.

For example, a training titled "Fast Track to Scala", starting on July 3, 2013, would be stored in a file named 2013-07-03-fast-track-to-scala.md.

The content of the file describes data about the training, which will be used by a generator and a template engine to render the training in HTML. Here is an example that you can copy-and-paste.

category: event
title: Fast Track to Scala
description: Get up to speed in Scala in no time
link-out: http://typesafe.com/how/training/fasttracktoscala
where: London
when: 3 July 2013
trainers: Trond Bjerkestrand
organizer: Typesafe

And a small description of each field, in case it is not already obvious:

  • category: event, this is obligatory, don't leave it out!
  • title: short title of the training
  • description: a longer description of the training. It does not appear on the front page per se, but could be useful some day
  • link-out: URL of the training website
  • where: location of the training session
  • when: date of the training, in the format shown above, i.e., dd Month yyyy
  • trainers: name of the trainer(s)
  • organizer: organizer of the training

When you are done, send us a pull request!