The standard Scala XML library.
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The standard Scala XML library. Please file issues here instead of over at

Since Scala 2.11, this library is a separate jar that can be omitted from Scala projects that do not use XML. If you are cross-building a project that uses scala-xml with both Scala 2.10 and later Scala versions, take a look this example.

The compiler was decoupled from this particular implementation using the same approach as for comprehensions (XML syntax is desugared into a set of method calls, which unfortunately is only defined by the implementation). Alternative implementations are welcome!

API documentation is available here.

Maintenance status

This library is community-maintained. The lead maintainers are @biswanaths and [@aaron_s_hawley][].

Security best practices

The XML spec has some features that are best turned off, to avoid unsavory things like file system access, DoS attacks,... Issue #17 tracks the recommended way of configuring the XML parser used by scala-xml to avoid these. This is by no means an exhaustive list. We'll be happy to incorporate your suggestions -- just comment on the ticket!