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@@ -9,13 +9,13 @@ label-text: Available
These pages describe the architecture of the Scala collections
framework in detail. Compared to
-[the Scala 2.8 Collections API]( you
+[the Scala 2.8 Collections API]({{ site.baseurl }}/overviews/collections/introduction.html) you
will find out more about the internal workings of the framework. You
will also learn how this architecture helps you define your own
collections in a few lines of code, while reusing the overwhelming
part of collection functionality from the framework.
-[The Scala 2.8 Collections API](
+[The Scala 2.8 Collections API]({{ site.baseurl }}/overviews/collections/introduction.html)
contains a large number of collection
operations, which exist uniformly on many different collection
implementations. Implementing every collection operation anew for
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