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Fixed broken reference to old footnote. Thanks to @rduplain and @dave…

…tron5000. Closes #46.
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commit 42d16b50016d66f472f83f454ae6e46f82fdc46b 1 parent b0895e7
@heathermiller heathermiller authored
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@@ -197,7 +197,11 @@ and when it is not.
Methods which act as accessors of any sort (either encapsulating a field
or a logical property) should be declared *without* parentheses except
if they have side effects. While Ruby and Lift use a `!` to indicate
-this, the usage of parens is preferred [\#dsl\_note]\_.
+this, the usage of parens is preferred (please note that fluid APIs and
+internal domain-specific languages have a tendency to break the
+guidelines given below for the sake of syntax. Such exceptions should
+not be considered a violation so much as a time when these rules do not
+apply. In a DSL, syntax should be paramount over convention).
Further, the callsite should follow the declaration; if declared with
parentheses, call with parentheses. While there is temptation to save a
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