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Fixed broken link in parallel collections overview

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1 parent c8a1af2 commit 6e079ab15aa022e57ae3b8bf62fcea57b5c8687f @axelarge axelarge committed
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@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ copying required for these collection types introduces an overhead not
incurred by any other collection types, like `Array`, `Vector`, `HashMap`, etc.
For more information on conversions on parallel collections, see the
-[conversions]({{ site.baseurl }}/overviews/parallel-collections/converesions.html)
+[conversions]({{ site.baseurl }}/overviews/parallel-collections/conversions.html)
and [concrete parallel collection classes]({{ site.baseurl }}/overviews/parallel-collections/concrete-parallel-collections.html)
sections of thise guide.

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