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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2007-2013 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Lex Spoon
import GenericRunnerCommand._
/** A command for ScriptRunner */
class GenericRunnerCommand(
args: List[String],
override val settings: GenericRunnerSettings)
extends CompilerCommand(args, settings) {
def this(args: List[String], error: String => Unit) =
this(args, new GenericRunnerSettings(error))
def this(args: List[String]) =
this(args, str => Console.println("Error: " + str))
/** name of the associated compiler command */
override def cmdName = "scala"
def compCmdName = "scalac"
// change CompilerCommand behavior
override def shouldProcessArguments: Boolean = false
private lazy val (_ok, targetAndArguments) = settings.processArguments(args, false)
override def ok = _ok
private def guessHowToRun(target: String): GenericRunnerCommand.HowToRun = {
if (!ok) Error
else if (io.Jar.isJarOrZip(target)) AsJar
else if (util.ScalaClassLoader.classExists(settings.classpathURLs, target)) AsObject
else {
val f = io.File(target)
if (!f.hasExtension("class", "jar", "zip") && f.canRead) AsScript
else {
Console.err.println("No such file or class on classpath: " + target)
/** String with either the jar file, class name, or script file name. */
def thingToRun = targetAndArguments.headOption getOrElse ""
/** Arguments to thingToRun. */
def arguments = targetAndArguments drop 1
val howToRun = targetAndArguments match {
case Nil => AsRepl
case hd :: _ => waysToRun find ( == settings.howtorun.value) getOrElse guessHowToRun(hd)
private def interpolate(s: String) = s.trim.replaceAll("@cmd@", cmdName).replaceAll("@compileCmd@", compCmdName) + "\n"
def shortUsageMsg = interpolate("""
Usage: @cmd@ <options> [<script|class|object|jar> <arguments>]
or @cmd@ -help
All options to @compileCmd@ (see @compileCmd@ -help) are also allowed.
override def usageMsg = shortUsageMsg + interpolate("""
The first given argument other than options to @cmd@ designates
what to run. Runnable targets are:
- a file containing scala source
- the name of a compiled class
- a runnable jar file with a valid Main-Class attribute
- or if no argument is given, the repl (interactive shell) is started
Options to @cmd@ which reach the java runtime:
-Dname=prop passed directly to java to set system properties
-J<arg> -J is stripped and <arg> passed to java as-is
-nobootcp do not put the scala jars on the boot classpath (slower)
Other startup options:
-howtorun what to run <script|object|jar|guess> (default: guess)
-i <file> preload <file> before starting the repl
-e <string> execute <string> as if entered in the repl
-save save the compiled script in a jar for future use
-nc no compilation daemon: do not use the fsc offline compiler
A file argument will be run as a scala script unless it contains only
self-contained compilation units (classes and objects) and exactly one
runnable main method. In that case the file will be compiled and the
main method invoked. This provides a bridge between scripts and standard
scala source.
""") + "\n"
object GenericRunnerCommand {
sealed abstract class HowToRun(val name: String) { }
case object AsJar extends HowToRun("jar")
case object AsObject extends HowToRun("object")
case object AsScript extends HowToRun("script")
case object AsRepl extends HowToRun("repl")
case object Error extends HowToRun("<error>")
val waysToRun = List(AsJar, AsObject, AsScript, AsRepl)
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