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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2005-2013 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Paul Phillips
package backend
import io.AbstractFile
import util.{ClassPath,JavaClassPath,MergedClassPath,DeltaClassPath}
trait JavaPlatform extends Platform {
import global._
import definitions._
type BinaryRepr = AbstractFile
private var currentClassPath: Option[MergedClassPath[BinaryRepr]] = None
def classPath: ClassPath[BinaryRepr] = {
if (currentClassPath.isEmpty) currentClassPath = Some(new PathResolver(settings).result)
/** Update classpath with a substituted subentry */
def updateClassPath(subst: Map[ClassPath[BinaryRepr], ClassPath[BinaryRepr]]) =
currentClassPath = Some(new DeltaClassPath(currentClassPath.get, subst))
def rootLoader = new loaders.PackageLoader(classPath.asInstanceOf[ClassPath[platform.BinaryRepr]])
// [Martin] Why do we need a cast here?
// The problem is that we cannot specify at this point that global.platform should be of type JavaPlatform.
// So we cannot infer that global.platform.BinaryRepr is AbstractFile.
// Ideally, we should be able to write at the top of the JavaPlatform trait:
// val global: Global { val platform: JavaPlatform }
// import global._
// Right now, this does nothing because the concrete definition of platform in Global
// replaces the tighter abstract definition here. If we had DOT typing rules, the two
// types would be conjoined and everything would work out. Yet another reason to push for DOT.
def platformPhases = List(
flatten, // get rid of inner classes
genASM // generate .class files
lazy val externalEquals = getDecl(BoxesRunTimeClass, nme.equals_)
lazy val externalEqualsNumNum = getDecl(BoxesRunTimeClass, nme.equalsNumNum)
lazy val externalEqualsNumChar = getDecl(BoxesRunTimeClass, nme.equalsNumChar)
lazy val externalEqualsNumObject = getDecl(BoxesRunTimeClass, nme.equalsNumObject)
/** We could get away with excluding BoxedBooleanClass for the
* purpose of equality testing since it need not compare equal
* to anything but other booleans, but it should be present in
* case this is put to other uses.
def isMaybeBoxed(sym: Symbol) = {
(sym == ObjectClass) ||
(sym == JavaSerializableClass) ||
(sym == ComparableClass) ||
(sym isNonBottomSubClass BoxedNumberClass) ||
(sym isNonBottomSubClass BoxedCharacterClass) ||
(sym isNonBottomSubClass BoxedBooleanClass)
def newClassLoader(bin: AbstractFile): loaders.SymbolLoader =
new loaders.ClassfileLoader(bin)
def doLoad(cls: ClassPath[BinaryRepr]#ClassRep): Boolean = true
def needCompile(bin: AbstractFile, src: AbstractFile) =
src.lastModified >= bin.lastModified
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