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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2005-2013 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Martin Odersky
// $Id$
package nsc
package settings
import scala.annotation.elidable
import scala.collection.mutable
import scala.language.{implicitConversions, existentials}
trait ScalaSettings extends AbsScalaSettings
with StandardScalaSettings
with Warnings {
self: MutableSettings =>
/** Set of settings */
protected lazy val allSettings = mutable.HashSet[Setting]()
/** Against my better judgment, giving in to martin here and allowing
* CLASSPATH to be used automatically. So for the user-specified part
* of the classpath:
* - If -classpath or -cp is given, it is that
* - Otherwise, if CLASSPATH is set, it is that
* - If neither of those, then "." is used.
protected def defaultClasspath = sys.env.getOrElse("CLASSPATH", ".")
/** Enabled under -Xexperimental. */
protected def experimentalSettings = List[BooleanSetting](YmethodInfer, overrideObjects, overrideVars)
/** Enabled under -Xfuture. */
protected def futureSettings = List[BooleanSetting]()
/** Enabled under -optimise. */
protected def optimiseSettings = List[BooleanSetting](inline, inlineHandlers, Xcloselim, Xdce)
/** Internal use - syntax enhancements. */
private class EnableSettings[T <: BooleanSetting](val s: T) {
def enabling(toEnable: List[BooleanSetting]): s.type = s withPostSetHook (_ => toEnable foreach (_.value = s.value))
def andThen(f: s.T => Unit): s.type = s withPostSetHook (setting => f(setting.value))
private implicit def installEnableSettings[T <: BooleanSetting](s: T) = new EnableSettings(s)
/** Disable a setting */
def disable(s: Setting) = allSettings -= s
val jvmargs = PrefixSetting("-J<flag>", "-J", "Pass <flag> directly to the runtime system.")
val defines = PrefixSetting("-Dproperty=value", "-D", "Pass -Dproperty=value directly to the runtime system.")
val toolcp = PathSetting("-toolcp", "Add to the runner classpath.", "")
val nobootcp = BooleanSetting("-nobootcp", "Do not use the boot classpath for the scala jars.")
* Standard settings
// argfiles is only for the help message
val argfiles = BooleanSetting ("@<file>", "A text file containing compiler arguments (options and source files)")
val classpath = PathSetting ("-classpath", "Specify where to find user class files.", defaultClasspath) withAbbreviation "-cp"
val d = OutputSetting (outputDirs, ".")
val nospecialization = BooleanSetting ("-no-specialization", "Ignore @specialize annotations.")
val language = MultiStringSetting("-language", "feature", "Enable one or more language features.")
* -X "Advanced" settings
val Xhelp = BooleanSetting ("-X", "Print a synopsis of advanced options.")
val assemname = StringSetting ("-Xassem-name", "file", "(Requires -target:msil) Name of the output assembly.", "").dependsOn(target, "msil")
val assemrefs = StringSetting ("-Xassem-path", "path", "(Requires -target:msil) List of assemblies referenced by the program.", ".").dependsOn(target, "msil")
val assemextdirs = StringSetting ("-Xassem-extdirs", "dirs", "(Requires -target:msil) List of directories containing assemblies. default:lib", Defaults.scalaLibDir.path).dependsOn(target, "msil")
val sourcedir = StringSetting ("-Xsourcedir", "directory", "(Requires -target:msil) Mirror source folder structure in output directory.", ".").dependsOn(target, "msil")
val checkInit = BooleanSetting ("-Xcheckinit", "Wrap field accessors to throw an exception on uninitialized access.")
val noassertions = BooleanSetting ("-Xdisable-assertions", "Generate no assertions or assumptions.")
val elidebelow = IntSetting ("-Xelide-below", "Calls to @elidable methods are omitted if method priority is lower than argument",
elidable.MINIMUM, None, elidable.byName get _)
val noForwarders = BooleanSetting ("-Xno-forwarders", "Do not generate static forwarders in mirror classes.")
val genPhaseGraph = StringSetting ("-Xgenerate-phase-graph", "file", "Generate the phase graphs (outputs .dot files) to", "")
val XlogImplicits = BooleanSetting ("-Xlog-implicits", "Show more detail on why some implicits are not applicable.")
val logImplicitConv = BooleanSetting ("-Xlog-implicit-conversions", "Print a message whenever an implicit conversion is inserted.")
val logReflectiveCalls = BooleanSetting("-Xlog-reflective-calls", "Print a message when a reflective method call is generated")
val logFreeTerms = BooleanSetting ("-Xlog-free-terms", "Print a message when reification creates a free term.")
val logFreeTypes = BooleanSetting ("-Xlog-free-types", "Print a message when reification resorts to generating a free type.")
val maxClassfileName = IntSetting ("-Xmax-classfile-name", "Maximum filename length for generated classes", 255, Some((72, 255)), _ => None)
val Xmigration = ScalaVersionSetting("-Xmigration", "version", "Warn about constructs whose behavior may have changed since version.", AnyScalaVersion)
val nouescape = BooleanSetting ("-Xno-uescape", "Disable handling of \\u unicode escapes.")
val Xnojline = BooleanSetting ("-Xnojline", "Do not use JLine for editing.")
val Xverify = BooleanSetting ("-Xverify", "Verify generic signatures in generated bytecode (asm backend only.)")
val plugin = MultiStringSetting("-Xplugin", "file", "Load one or more plugins from files.")
val disable = MultiStringSetting("-Xplugin-disable", "plugin", "Disable the given plugin(s).")
val showPlugins = BooleanSetting ("-Xplugin-list", "Print a synopsis of loaded plugins.")
val require = MultiStringSetting("-Xplugin-require", "plugin", "Abort unless the given plugin(s) are available.")
val pluginsDir = StringSetting ("-Xpluginsdir", "path", "Path to search compiler plugins.", Defaults.scalaPluginPath)
val Xprint = PhasesSetting ("-Xprint", "Print out program after")
val writeICode = PhasesSetting ("-Xprint-icode", "Log internal icode to *.icode files after", "icode")
val Xprintpos = BooleanSetting ("-Xprint-pos", "Print tree positions, as offsets.")
val printtypes = BooleanSetting ("-Xprint-types", "Print tree types (debugging option).")
val prompt = BooleanSetting ("-Xprompt", "Display a prompt after each error (debugging option).")
val resident = BooleanSetting ("-Xresident", "Compiler stays resident: read source filenames from standard input.")
val script = StringSetting ("-Xscript", "object", "Treat the source file as a script and wrap it in a main method.", "")
val mainClass = StringSetting ("-Xmain-class", "path", "Class for manifest's Main-Class entry (only useful with -d <jar>)", "")
val Xshowcls = StringSetting ("-Xshow-class", "class", "Show internal representation of class.", "")
val Xshowobj = StringSetting ("-Xshow-object", "object", "Show internal representation of object.", "")
val showPhases = BooleanSetting ("-Xshow-phases", "Print a synopsis of compiler phases.")
val sourceReader = StringSetting ("-Xsource-reader", "classname", "Specify a custom method for reading source files.", "")
val XoldPatmat = BooleanSetting ("-Xoldpatmat", "Use the pre-2.10 pattern matcher. Otherwise, the 'virtualizing' pattern matcher is used in 2.10.")
val XnoPatmatAnalysis = BooleanSetting ("-Xno-patmat-analysis", "Don't perform exhaustivity/unreachability analysis. Also, ignore @switch annotation.")
val XfullLubs = BooleanSetting ("-Xfull-lubs", "Retains pre 2.10 behavior of less aggressive truncation of least upper bounds.")
/** Compatibility stubs for options whose value name did
* not previously match the option name.
def XO = optimise
def debuginfo = g
def dependenciesFile = dependencyfile
def nowarnings = nowarn
def outdir = d
def printLate = print
* -Y "Private" settings
val overrideObjects = BooleanSetting ("-Yoverride-objects", "Allow member objects to be overridden.")
val overrideVars = BooleanSetting ("-Yoverride-vars", "Allow vars to be overridden.")
val Yhelp = BooleanSetting ("-Y", "Print a synopsis of private options.")
val browse = PhasesSetting ("-Ybrowse", "Browse the abstract syntax tree after")
val check = PhasesSetting ("-Ycheck", "Check the tree at the end of")
val Yshow = PhasesSetting ("-Yshow", "(Requires -Xshow-class or -Xshow-object) Show after")
val Xcloselim = BooleanSetting ("-Yclosure-elim", "Perform closure elimination.")
val Ycompacttrees = BooleanSetting ("-Ycompact-trees", "Use compact tree printer when displaying trees.")
val noCompletion = BooleanSetting ("-Yno-completion", "Disable tab-completion in the REPL.")
val Xdce = BooleanSetting ("-Ydead-code", "Perform dead code elimination.")
val debug = BooleanSetting ("-Ydebug", "Increase the quantity of debugging output.")
//val doc = BooleanSetting ("-Ydoc", "Generate documentation")
val termConflict = ChoiceSetting ("-Yresolve-term-conflict", "strategy", "Resolve term conflicts", List("package", "object", "error"), "error")
val inline = BooleanSetting ("-Yinline", "Perform inlining when possible.")
val inlineHandlers = BooleanSetting ("-Yinline-handlers", "Perform exception handler inlining when possible.")
val YinlinerWarnings= BooleanSetting ("-Yinline-warnings", "Emit inlining warnings. (Normally surpressed due to high volume)")
val Xlinearizer = ChoiceSetting ("-Ylinearizer", "which", "Linearizer to use", List("normal", "dfs", "rpo", "dump"), "rpo")
val log = PhasesSetting ("-Ylog", "Log operations during")
val Ylogcp = BooleanSetting ("-Ylog-classpath", "Output information about what classpath is being applied.")
val Ynogenericsig = BooleanSetting ("-Yno-generic-signatures", "Suppress generation of generic signatures for Java.")
val noimports = BooleanSetting ("-Yno-imports", "Compile without importing scala.*, java.lang.*, or Predef.")
val nopredef = BooleanSetting ("-Yno-predef", "Compile without importing Predef.")
val noAdaptedArgs = BooleanSetting ("-Yno-adapted-args", "Do not adapt an argument list (either by inserting () or creating a tuple) to match the receiver.")
val Yrecursion = IntSetting ("-Yrecursion", "Set recursion depth used when locking symbols.", 0, Some((0, Int.MaxValue)), (_: String) => None)
val selfInAnnots = BooleanSetting ("-Yself-in-annots", "Include a \"self\" identifier inside of annotations.")
val Xshowtrees = BooleanSetting ("-Yshow-trees", "(Requires -Xprint:) Print detailed ASTs in formatted form.")
val XshowtreesCompact
= BooleanSetting ("-Yshow-trees-compact", "(Requires -Xprint:) Print detailed ASTs in compact form.")
val XshowtreesStringified
= BooleanSetting ("-Yshow-trees-stringified", "(Requires -Xprint:) Print stringifications along with detailed ASTs.")
val Yshowsyms = BooleanSetting ("-Yshow-syms", "Print the AST symbol hierarchy after each phase.")
val Yshowsymkinds = BooleanSetting ("-Yshow-symkinds", "Print abbreviated symbol kinds next to symbol names.")
val skip = PhasesSetting ("-Yskip", "Skip")
val Ygenjavap = StringSetting ("-Ygen-javap", "dir", "Generate a parallel output directory of .javap files.", "")
val Ydumpclasses = StringSetting ("-Ydump-classes", "dir", "Dump the generated bytecode to .class files (useful for reflective compilation that utilizes in-memory classloaders).", "")
val Ynosqueeze = BooleanSetting ("-Yno-squeeze", "Disable creation of compact code in matching.")
val Ystatistics = BooleanSetting ("-Ystatistics", "Print compiler statistics.") andThen (scala.reflect.internal.util.Statistics.enabled = _)
val stopAfter = PhasesSetting ("-Ystop-after", "Stop after") withAbbreviation ("-stop") // backward compat
val stopBefore = PhasesSetting ("-Ystop-before", "Stop before")
val refinementMethodDispatch
= ChoiceSetting ("-Ystruct-dispatch", "policy", "structural method dispatch policy", List("no-cache", "mono-cache", "poly-cache", "invoke-dynamic"), "poly-cache")
val Yrangepos = BooleanSetting ("-Yrangepos", "Use range positions for syntax trees.")
val Ybuilderdebug = ChoiceSetting ("-Ybuilder-debug", "manager", "Compile using the specified build manager.", List("none", "refined", "simple"), "none")
val Yreifycopypaste = BooleanSetting ("-Yreify-copypaste", "Dump the reified trees in copypasteable representation.")
val Ymacronoexpand = BooleanSetting ("-Ymacro-no-expand", "Don't expand macros. Might be useful for scaladoc and presentation compiler, but will crash anything which uses macros and gets past typer.")
val Yreplsync = BooleanSetting ("-Yrepl-sync", "Do not use asynchronous code for repl startup")
val Ynotnull = BooleanSetting ("-Ynotnull", "Enable (experimental and incomplete) scala.NotNull.")
val YmethodInfer = BooleanSetting ("-Yinfer-argument-types", "Infer types for arguments of overriden methods.")
val etaExpandKeepsStar = BooleanSetting ("-Yeta-expand-keeps-star", "Eta-expand varargs methods to T* rather than Seq[T]. This is a temporary option to ease transition.")
val Yinvalidate = StringSetting ("-Yinvalidate", "classpath-entry", "Invalidate classpath entry before run", "")
val noSelfCheck = BooleanSetting ("-Yno-self-type-checks", "Suppress check for self-type conformance among inherited members.")
val YvirtClasses = false // too embryonic to even expose as a -Y //BooleanSetting ("-Yvirtual-classes", "Support virtual classes")
val exposeEmptyPackage = BooleanSetting("-Yexpose-empty-package", "Internal only: expose the empty package.").internalOnly()
def stop = stopAfter
/** Area-specific debug output.
val Ybuildmanagerdebug = BooleanSetting("-Ybuild-manager-debug", "Generate debug information for the Refined Build Manager compiler.")
val Ycompletion = BooleanSetting("-Ycompletion-debug", "Trace all tab completion activity.")
val Ydocdebug = BooleanSetting("-Ydoc-debug", "Trace all scaladoc activity.")
val Yidedebug = BooleanSetting("-Yide-debug", "Generate, validate and output trees using the interactive compiler.")
val Yinferdebug = BooleanSetting("-Yinfer-debug", "Trace type inference and implicit search.")
val Yissuedebug = BooleanSetting("-Yissue-debug", "Print stack traces when a context issues an error.")
val YmacrodebugLite = BooleanSetting("-Ymacro-debug-lite", "Trace essential macro-related activities.")
val YmacrodebugVerbose = BooleanSetting("-Ymacro-debug-verbose", "Trace all macro-related activities: compilation, generation of synthetics, classloading, expansion, exceptions.")
val Ypmatdebug = BooleanSetting("-Ypmat-debug", "Trace all pattern matcher activity.")
val Yposdebug = BooleanSetting("-Ypos-debug", "Trace position validation.")
val Yreifydebug = BooleanSetting("-Yreify-debug", "Trace reification.")
val Yrepldebug = BooleanSetting("-Yrepl-debug", "Trace all repl activity.") andThen (interpreter.replProps.debug setValue _)
val Ytyperdebug = BooleanSetting("-Ytyper-debug", "Trace all type assignments.")
val Ypatmatdebug = BooleanSetting("-Ypatmat-debug", "Trace pattern matching translation.")
/** Groups of Settings.
val future = BooleanSetting("-Xfuture", "Turn on future language features.") enabling futureSettings
val optimise = BooleanSetting("-optimise", "Generates faster bytecode by applying optimisations to the program") withAbbreviation "-optimize" enabling optimiseSettings
val Xexperimental = BooleanSetting("-Xexperimental", "Enable experimental extensions.") enabling experimentalSettings
// Feature extensions
val XmacroSettings = MultiStringSetting("-Xmacro-settings", "option", "Custom settings for macros.")
* IDE-specific settings
val YpresentationVerbose = BooleanSetting("-Ypresentation-verbose", "Print information about presentation compiler tasks.")
val YpresentationDebug = BooleanSetting("-Ypresentation-debug", "Enable debugging output for the presentation compiler.")
val YpresentationStrict = BooleanSetting("-Ypresentation-strict", "Do not report type errors in sources with syntax errors.")
val YpresentationLog = StringSetting("-Ypresentation-log", "file", "Log presentation compiler events into file", "")
val YpresentationReplay = StringSetting("-Ypresentation-replay", "file", "Replay presentation compiler events from file", "")
val YpresentationDelay = IntSetting("-Ypresentation-delay", "Wait number of ms after typing before starting typechecking", 0, Some((0, 999)), str => Some(str.toInt))
* -P "Plugin" settings
val pluginOptions = MultiStringSetting("-P", "plugin:opt", "Pass an option to a plugin") .
/** Test whether this is scaladoc we're looking at */
def isScaladoc = false
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