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import tools.nsc.{CompileClient, CompileServer}
import java.util.concurrent.{CountDownLatch, TimeUnit}
object Test extends App {
val startupLatch = new CountDownLatch(1)
// we have to explicitly launch our server because when the client launches a server it uses
// the "scala" shell command meaning whatever version of scala (and whatever version of libraries)
// happens to be in the path gets used
val t = new Thread(new Runnable {
def run() = {
CompileServer.execute(() => startupLatch.countDown(), Array[String]())
t setDaemon true
if (!startupLatch.await(2, TimeUnit.MINUTES))
sys error "Timeout waiting for server to start"
val baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
val ps = new PrintStream(baos)
val success = (scala.Console withOut ps) {
// shut down the server via the client using the verbose flag
CompileClient.process(Array("-shutdown", "-verbose"))
// now make sure we got success and a verbose result
val msg = baos.toString()
if (success) {
if (msg contains "Settings after normalizing paths") {
println("got successful verbose results!")
} else {
println("did not get the string expected, full results were:")
} else {
println("got a failure. Full results were:")
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