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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2005-2013 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Paul Phillips
package interpreter
/** An interface for objects which are aware of tab completion and
* will supply their own candidates and resolve their own paths.
trait CompletionAware {
/** The complete list of unqualified Strings to which this
* object will complete.
def completions(verbosity: Int): List[String]
/** The next completor in the chain.
def follow(id: String): Option[CompletionAware] = None
/** A list of useful information regarding a specific uniquely
* identified completion. This is specifically written for the
* following situation, but should be useful elsewhere too:
* x.y.z.methodName<tab>
* If "methodName" is among z's completions, and verbosity > 0
* indicating tab has been pressed twice consecutively, then we
* call alternativesFor and show a list of overloaded method
* signatures.
def alternativesFor(id: String): List[String] = Nil
/** Given string 'buf', return a list of all the strings
* to which it can complete. This may involve delegating
* to other CompletionAware objects.
def completionsFor(parsed: Parsed): List[String] = {
import parsed.{ buffer, verbosity }
val comps = completions(verbosity) filter (_ startsWith buffer)
val exact = comps contains buffer
val results =
if (parsed.isEmpty) comps
else if (parsed.isUnqualified && !parsed.isLastDelimiter)
if (verbosity > 0 && exact) alternativesFor(buffer)
else comps
else follow(parsed.bufferHead) map (_ completionsFor parsed.bufferTail) getOrElse Nil
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