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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2005-2013 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Martin Odersky
import util.FreshNameCreator
import scala.reflect.internal.util.{ SourceFile, NoSourceFile }
import scala.collection.mutable
import scala.collection.mutable.{ LinkedHashSet, ListBuffer }
trait CompilationUnits { self: Global =>
/** An object representing a missing compilation unit.
object NoCompilationUnit extends CompilationUnit(NoSourceFile) {
override lazy val isJava = false
override def exists = false
override def toString() = "NoCompilationUnit"
/** One unit of compilation that has been submitted to the compiler.
* It typically corresponds to a single file of source code. It includes
* error-reporting hooks. */
class CompilationUnit(val source: SourceFile) extends CompilationUnitContextApi { self =>
/** the fresh name creator */
val fresh: FreshNameCreator = new FreshNameCreator.Default
def freshTermName(prefix: String): TermName = newTermName(fresh.newName(prefix))
def freshTypeName(prefix: String): TypeName = newTypeName(fresh.newName(prefix))
/** the content of the compilation unit in tree form */
var body: Tree = EmptyTree
def exists = source != NoSourceFile && source != null
/** Note: depends now contains toplevel classes.
* To get their sourcefiles, you need to dereference with .sourcefile
private[this] val _depends = mutable.HashSet[Symbol]()
// SBT compatibility (SI-6875)
// imagine we have a file named A.scala, which defines a trait named Foo and a module named Main
// Main contains a call to a macro, which calls c.introduceTopLevel to define a mock for Foo
// c.introduceTopLevel creates a virtual file Virt35af32.scala, which contains a class named FooMock extending Foo,
// and macro expansion instantiates FooMock. the stage is now set. let's see what happens next.
// without this workaround in scalac or without being patched itself, sbt will think that
// * Virt35af32 depends on A (because it extends Foo from A)
// * A depends on Virt35af32 (because it contains a macro expansion referring to FooMock from Virt35af32)
// after compiling A.scala, SBT will notice that it has a new source file named Virt35af32.
// it will also think that this file hasn't yet been compiled and since A depends on it
// it will think that A needs to be recompiled.
// recompilation will lead to another macro expansion. that another macro expansion might choose to create a fresh mock,
// producing another virtual file, say, Virtee509a, which will again trick SBT into thinking that A needs a recompile,
// which will lead to another macro expansion, which will produce another virtual file and so on
def depends = if (exists && !source.file.isVirtual) _depends else mutable.HashSet[Symbol]()
/** so we can relink
private[this] val _defined = mutable.HashSet[Symbol]()
def defined = if (exists && !source.file.isVirtual) _defined else mutable.HashSet[Symbol]()
/** Synthetic definitions generated by namer, eliminated by typer.
object synthetics {
private val map = mutable.HashMap[Symbol, Tree]()
def update(sym: Symbol, tree: Tree) {
debuglog(s"adding synthetic ($sym, $tree) to $self")
map.update(sym, tree)
def -=(sym: Symbol) {
debuglog(s"removing synthetic $sym from $self")
map -= sym
def get(sym: Symbol): Option[Tree] = logResultIf[Option[Tree]](s"found synthetic for $sym in $self", _.isDefined) {
map get sym
def keys: Iterable[Symbol] = map.keys
def clear(): Unit = map.clear()
override def toString = map.toString
/** things to check at end of compilation unit */
val toCheck = new ListBuffer[() => Unit]
/** The features that were already checked for this unit */
var checkedFeatures = Set[Symbol]()
def position(pos: Int) = source.position(pos)
/** The position of a targeted type check
* If this is different from NoPosition, the type checking
* will stop once a tree that contains this position range
* is fully attributed.
def targetPos: Position = NoPosition
/** The icode representation of classes in this compilation unit.
* It is empty up to phase 'icode'.
val icode: LinkedHashSet[icodes.IClass] = new LinkedHashSet
def echo(pos: Position, msg: String) =
reporter.echo(pos, msg)
def error(pos: Position, msg: String) =
reporter.error(pos, msg)
def warning(pos: Position, msg: String) =
reporter.warning(pos, msg)
def deprecationWarning(pos: Position, msg: String) =
currentRun.deprecationWarnings0.warn(pos, msg)
def uncheckedWarning(pos: Position, msg: String) =
currentRun.uncheckedWarnings0.warn(pos, msg)
def inlinerWarning(pos: Position, msg: String) =
currentRun.inlinerWarnings.warn(pos, msg)
def incompleteInputError(pos: Position, msg:String) =
reporter.incompleteInputError(pos, msg)
def comment(pos: Position, msg: String) =
reporter.comment(pos, msg)
/** Is this about a .java source file? */
lazy val isJava =".java")
override def toString() = source.toString()
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