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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2009-2013 Typesafe/Scala Solutions and LAMP/EPFL
* @author Martin Odersky
package interactive
package tests
import core._
import scala.annotation.migration
import scala.reflect.internal.util.Position
import scala.reflect.internal.util.SourceFile
import scala.collection.mutable.ListBuffer
/** A base class for writing interactive compiler tests.
* This class tries to cover common functionality needed when testing the presentation
* compiler: instantiation source files, reloading, creating positions, instantiating
* the presentation compiler, random stress testing.
* By default, this class loads all scala and java classes found under `src/`, going
* recursively into subfolders. Loaded classes are found in `sourceFiles`. trait `TestResources`
* The presentation compiler is available through `compiler`.
* It is easy to test member completion, type and hyperlinking at a given position. Source
* files are searched for `TextMarkers`. By default, the completion marker is `/*!*/`, the
* typedAt marker is `/*?*/` and the hyperlinking marker is `/*#*/`. Place these markers in
* your source files, and the test framework will automatically pick them up and test the
* corresponding actions. Sources are reloaded by `askReload(sourceFiles)` (blocking
* call). All ask operations are placed on the work queue without waiting for each one to
* complete before asking the next. After all asks, it waits for each response in turn and
* prints the result. The default timeout is 1 second per operation.
* To define a custom operation you have to:
* (1) Define a new marker by extending `TestMarker`
* (2) Provide an implementation for the operation you want to check by extending `PresentationCompilerTestDef`
* (3) Add the class defined in (1) to the set of executed test actions by calling `++` on `InteractiveTest`.
* Then you can simply use the new defined `marker` in your test sources and the testing
* framework will automatically pick it up.
* @see Check existing tests under test/files/presentation
* @author Iulian Dragos
* @author Mirco Dotta
abstract class InteractiveTest
extends AskParse
with AskShutdown
with AskReload
with AskLoadedTyped
with PresentationCompilerInstance
with CoreTestDefs
with InteractiveTestSettings { self =>
protected val runRandomTests = false
/** Should askAllSources wait for each ask to finish before issuing the next? */
override protected val synchronousRequests = true
/** The core set of test actions that are executed during each test run are
* `CompletionAction`, `TypeAction` and `HyperlinkAction`.
* Override this member if you need to change the default set of executed test actions.
protected lazy val testActions: ListBuffer[PresentationCompilerTestDef] = {
ListBuffer(new TypeCompletionAction(compiler), new ScopeCompletionAction(compiler), new TypeAction(compiler), new HyperlinkAction(compiler))
/** Add new presentation compiler actions to test. Presentation compiler's test
* need to extends trait `PresentationCompilerTestDef`.
protected def ++(tests: PresentationCompilerTestDef*) {
testActions ++= tests
/** Test's entry point */
def main(args: Array[String]) {
try execute()
finally shutdown()
protected def execute(): Unit = {
/** Load all sources before executing the test. */
protected def loadSources() {
// ask the presentation compiler to track all sources. We do
// not wait for the file to be entirely typed because we do want
// to exercise the presentation compiler on scoped type requests.
// make sure all sources are parsed before running the test. This
// is because test may depend on the sources having been parsed at
// least once
/** Run all defined `PresentationCompilerTestDef` */
protected def runDefaultTests() {
//TODO: integrate random tests!, i.e.: if (runRandomTests) randomTests(20, sourceFiles)
/** Perform n random tests with random changes. */
private def randomTests(n: Int, files: Array[SourceFile]) {
val tester = new Tester(n, files, settings) {
override val compiler = self.compiler
override val reporter = new reporters.StoreReporter
/** shutdown the presentation compiler. */
protected def shutdown() {
// this is actually needed to force exit on test completion.
// Note: May be a bug on either the testing framework or (less likely)
// the presentation compiler
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