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reload: CompletionOnEmptyArgMethod.scala
askTypeCompletion at CompletionOnEmptyArgMethod.scala(2,17)
[response] askTypeCompletion at (2,17)
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[accessible: true] `method !=(x$1: Any)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method !=(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method ##()Int`
[accessible: true] `method +(other: String)String`
[accessible: true] `method ->[B](y: B)(Foo, B)`
[accessible: true] `method ==(x$1: Any)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method ==(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method asInstanceOf[T0]=> T0`
[accessible: true] `method clone()Object`
[accessible: true] `method ensuring(cond: Boolean)Foo`
[accessible: true] `method ensuring(cond: Boolean, msg: => Any)Foo`
[accessible: true] `method ensuring(cond: Foo => Boolean)Foo`
[accessible: true] `method ensuring(cond: Foo => Boolean, msg: => Any)Foo`
[accessible: true] `method eq(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method equals(x$1: Any)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method finalize()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method foo=> Foo`
[accessible: true] `method formatted(fmtstr: String)String`
[accessible: true] `method hashCode()Int`
[accessible: true] `method isInstanceOf[T0]=> Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method ne(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method notify()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method notifyAll()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method synchronized[T0](x$1: T0)T0`
[accessible: true] `method toString()String`
[accessible: true] `method wait()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method wait(x$1: Long)Unit`
[accessible: true] `method wait(x$1: Long, x$2: Int)Unit`
[accessible: true] `method x=> Foo`
[accessible: true] `method →[B](y: B)(Foo, B)`
[accessible: true] `value __leftOfArrowFoo`
[accessible: true] `value __resultOfEnsuringFoo`
[accessible: true] `value selfAny`
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