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object Test extends CompilerTest {
import global._
import definitions._
override def code = """
package ano
class ann(x: Any) extends annotation.TypeConstraint
abstract class Base {
def foo(x: String): String @ann(x.trim())
class Sub extends Base {
def foo(x: String): String @ann(x.trim()) = x
object syms extends SymsInPackage("ano")
import syms._
def check(source: String, unit: global.CompilationUnit) {
afterTyper {
terms.filter( == "foo").foreach(sym => {
val xParam = sym.tpe.paramss.flatten.head
val annot = sym.tpe.finalResultType.annotations.head
val xRefs = annot.args.head.filter(t => t.symbol == xParam)
println(s"testing symbol ${sym.ownerChain}, param $xParam, xRefs $xRefs")
assert(xRefs.length == 1, xRefs)
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