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package scala.reflect.reify
package phases
import scala.runtime.ScalaRunTime.isAnyVal
import scala.reflect.reify.codegen._
trait Reify extends GenSymbols
with GenTypes
with GenNames
with GenTrees
with GenAnnotationInfos
with GenPositions
with GenUtils {
self: Reifier =>
import global._
private object reifyStack {
def currents: List[Any] = state.reifyStack
def currents_=(value: List[Any]): Unit = state.reifyStack = value
@inline final def push[T](reifee: Any)(body: => T): T = {
currents ::= reifee
try body
finally currents = currents.tail
def boundSymbolsInCallstack = flatCollect(reifyStack.currents) {
case ExistentialType(quantified, _) => quantified
case PolyType(typeParams, _) => typeParams
def current = reifyStack.currents.head
def currents = reifyStack.currents
* Reifies any supported value.
* For internal use only, use `reified` instead.
def reify(reifee: Any): Tree = reifyStack.push(reifee)(reifee match {
// before adding some case here, in global scope, please, consider
// whether it can be localized like reifyAnnotationInfo or reifyScope
// this will help reification stay as sane as possible
case sym: Symbol => reifySymRef(sym)
case tpe: Type => reifyType(tpe)
case name: Name => reifyName(name)
case tree: Tree => reifyTree(tree)
// disabled because this is a very special case that I plan to remove later
// why do I dislike annotations? see comments to `reifyAnnotationInfo`
// case ann: AnnotationInfo => reifyAnnotationInfo(ann)
case pos: Position => reifyPosition(pos)
case mods: global.Modifiers => reifyModifiers(mods)
case xs: List[_] => reifyList(xs)
case s: String => Literal(Constant(s))
case v if isAnyVal(v) => Literal(Constant(v))
case null => Literal(Constant(null))
case _ =>
throw new Error("reifee %s of type %s is not supported".format(reifee, reifee.getClass))
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