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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2005-2011 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Martin Odersky
package scala.reflect
package api
trait StandardTypes {
self: Universe =>
val ByteTpe: Type
val ShortTpe: Type
val CharTpe: Type
val IntTpe: Type
val LongTpe: Type
val FloatTpe: Type
val DoubleTpe: Type
val BooleanTpe: Type
val UnitTpe: Type
val AnyTpe: Type
val AnyValTpe: Type
val AnyRefTpe: Type
val ObjectTpe: Type
val NothingTpe: Type
val NullTpe: Type
val StringTpe: Type
trait StandardDefinitions extends StandardTypes {
self: Universe =>
val definitions: AbsDefinitions
// I intend to pull everything in here out of the public API.
trait AbsDefinitionsInternal {
def ArrayModule: Symbol
def ArrayModule_overloadedApply: Symbol
def Array_apply: Symbol
def Array_clone: Symbol
def Array_length: Symbol
def Array_update: Symbol
def ByNameParamClass: Symbol
def ClassTagModule: Symbol
def ConcreteTypeTagModule: Symbol
def ConsClass: Symbol
def EmptyPackageClass: Symbol
def FunctionClass : Array[Symbol]
def IterableClass: Symbol
def IteratorClass: Symbol
def IteratorModule: Symbol
def Iterator_apply: Symbol
def JavaLangPackageClass: Symbol
def JavaRepeatedParamClass: Symbol
def ListModule: Symbol
def List_apply: Symbol
def NilModule: Symbol
def NoneModule: Symbol
def OptionClass: Symbol
def ProductClass : Array[Symbol]
def RepeatedParamClass: Symbol
def ScalaPackageClass: Symbol
def SeqClass: Symbol
def SeqModule: Symbol
def SomeClass: Symbol
def SomeModule: Symbol
def StringBuilderClass: Symbol
def SymbolClass : Symbol
def TraversableClass: Symbol
def TupleClass : Array[Symbol]
def TypeTagModule: Symbol
def ScalaPrimitiveValueClasses: List[ClassSymbol]
trait AbsDefinitions extends AbsDefinitionsInternal {
// packages
def RootClass: ClassSymbol
def RootPackage: PackageSymbol
def EmptyPackage: PackageSymbol
def ScalaPackage: PackageSymbol
def JavaLangPackage: PackageSymbol
// top types
def AnyClass : ClassSymbol
def AnyValClass: ClassSymbol
def ObjectClass: ClassSymbol
def AnyRefClass: TypeSymbol
// bottom types
def NullClass : ClassSymbol
def NothingClass: ClassSymbol
// the scala value classes
def UnitClass : ClassSymbol
def ByteClass : ClassSymbol
def ShortClass : ClassSymbol
def CharClass : ClassSymbol
def IntClass : ClassSymbol
def LongClass : ClassSymbol
def FloatClass : ClassSymbol
def DoubleClass : ClassSymbol
def BooleanClass: ClassSymbol
// some special classes
def StringClass : ClassSymbol
def ClassClass : ClassSymbol
def ArrayClass: ClassSymbol
// collections classes
def ListClass: ClassSymbol
def ListModule: ModuleSymbol
// collections modules
def PredefModule: ModuleSymbol
// type tags
def ClassTagClass: ClassSymbol
def TypeTagClass: ClassSymbol
def ConcreteTypeTagClass: ClassSymbol
/** Given a type T, returns the type corresponding to the VM's
* representation: ClassClass's type constructor applied to `arg`.
def vmClassType(arg: Type): Type // !!! better name?
// [Eugene] we already have arg.erasure, right?
// [Paul] You misunderstand the method (it could be better named).
// Given List[String], it returns java.lang.Class[List[String]]
// (or the .Net equivalent), not the erasure of List[String].
// See def ClassType in definitions - that's what it was called before,
// and obviously that name has to go.
/** The string representation used by the given type in the VM.
def vmSignature(sym: Symbol, info: Type): String
/** Is symbol one of the value classes? */
def isPrimitiveValueClass(sym: Symbol): Boolean // !!! better name?
/** Is symbol one of the numeric value classes? */
def isNumericValueClass(sym: Symbol): Boolean // !!! better name?
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