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trait Main {
trait A {
type B
def b: B
trait C {
def c(a: A, x: Int = 0)(b: => a.B, bs: a.B*)
def d(a: A = null, x: Int = 0)(b1: => a.B = a.b, b2: a.B = a.b)
def c: C
def ok(a: A)(b: a.B) = c.c(a, 42)(b)
def fail(a: A)(b: a.B) = c.c(a)(b)
def fail2(a: A)(b: a.B) = c.c(a)(b, b)
def fail3(a: A)(b: a.B) = c.c(a)(b, Seq[a.B](b): _*)
def fail4(a: A)(b: a.B) = c.d(a)()
def fail5(a: A)(b: a.B) = c.d(a)(b1 = a.b)
def fail6(a: A)(b: a.B) = c.d(a)(b2 = a.b)
def fail7(a: A)(b: a.B) = c.d()()
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