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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2005-2011 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Martin Odersky
import scala.ref.WeakReference
/** An nsc sub-component.
* @author Martin Odersky
abstract class SubComponent {
/** The global environment; overridden by instantiation in Global. */
val global: Global
/** The name of the phase */
val phaseName: String
/** List of phase names, this phase should run after */
val runsAfter: List[String]
/** List of phase names, this phase should run before */
val runsBefore: List[String] = Nil
/** Phase name this phase will attach itself to, not allowing any phase to come between it
* and the phase name declared */
val runsRightAfter: Option[String]
/** Internal flag to tell external from internal phases */
val internal: Boolean = true
/** SubComponent are added to a HashSet and two phases are the same if they have the same name */
override def hashCode() = phaseName.hashCode()
/** New flags defined by the phase which are not valid before */
def phaseNewFlags: Long = 0
/** New flags defined by the phase which are not valid until immediately after it */
def phaseNextFlags: Long = 0
/** The phase factory */
def newPhase(prev: Phase): Phase
private var ownPhaseCache: WeakReference[Phase] = new WeakReference(null)
private var ownPhaseRunId = global.NoRunId
@inline final def beforeOwnPhase[T](op: => T) = global.beforePhase(ownPhase)(op)
@inline final def afterOwnPhase[T](op: => T) = global.afterPhase(ownPhase)(op)
/** The phase corresponding to this subcomponent in the current compiler run */
def ownPhase: Phase = {
ownPhaseCache.get match {
case Some(phase) if ownPhaseRunId == global.currentRunId =>
case _ =>
val phase = global.currentRun.phaseNamed(phaseName)
ownPhaseCache = new WeakReference(phase)
ownPhaseRunId = global.currentRunId
/** The phase defined by this subcomponent. Can be called only after phase is installed by newPhase. */
// lazy val ownPhase: Phase = global.currentRun.phaseNamed(phaseName)
/** A standard phase template */
abstract class StdPhase(prev: Phase) extends global.GlobalPhase(prev) {
def name = phaseName
override def newFlags = phaseNewFlags
override def nextFlags = phaseNextFlags
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