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import scala.collection.JavaConverters._
import asm.ClassReader
import asm.tree.{ClassNode, MethodNode, InsnList}
* Provides utilities for inspecting bytecode using ASM library.
* 1. Create subdirectory in test/files/jvm for your test. Let's name it $TESTDIR.
* 2. Create $TESTDIR/BytecodeSrc_1.scala that contains Scala source file that you
* want to inspect the bytecode for. The '_1' suffix signals to partest that it
* should compile this file first.
* 3. Create $TESTDIR/Test.scala:
* import
* object Test extends BytecodeTest {
* def show {
* // your code that inspect ASM trees and prints values
* }
* }
* 4. Create corresponding check file.
* See test/files/jvm/bytecode-test-example for an example of bytecode test.
abstract class BytecodeTest {
/** produce the output to be compared against a checkfile */
protected def show(): Unit
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = show
// asserts
def sameBytecode(methA: MethodNode, methB: MethodNode) = {
val isa = instructions.fromMethod(methA)
val isb = instructions.fromMethod(methB)
if (isa == isb) println("bytecode identical")
else (isa, isb).zipped.foreach { case (a, b) =>
if (a == b) println("OK : "+ a)
else println("DIFF: "+ a +" <=> "+ b)
// loading
protected def getMethod(classNode: ClassNode, name: String): MethodNode =
classNode.methods.asScala.find( == name) getOrElse
sys.error(s"Didn't find method '$name' in class '${}'")
protected def loadClassNode(name: String, skipDebugInfo: Boolean = true): ClassNode = {
val classBytes: InputStream = (for {
classRep <- classpath.findClass(name)
binary <- classRep.binary
} yield binary.input) getOrElse sys.error(s"failed to load class '$name'; classpath = $classpath")
val cr = new ClassReader(classBytes)
val cn = new ClassNode()
cr.accept(cn, if (skipDebugInfo) ClassReader.SKIP_DEBUG else 0)
protected lazy val classpath: JavaClassPath = {
// logic inspired by implementation
val containers = DefaultJavaContext.classesInExpandedPath(Defaults.javaUserClassPath)
new JavaClassPath(containers, DefaultJavaContext)
// wrap ASM's instructions so we get case class-style `equals` and `toString`
object instructions {
def fromMethod(meth: MethodNode): List[instructions.Instruction] = {
val insns = meth.instructions
val asmToScala = new AsmToScala{ def labelIndex(l: asm.tree.AbstractInsnNode) = insns.indexOf(l) }
sealed abstract class Instruction { def opcode: Int }
case class Field (opcode: Int, desc: String, name: String, owner: String) extends Instruction
case class Incr (opcode: Int, incr: Int, `var`: Int) extends Instruction
case class Op (opcode: Int) extends Instruction
case class IntOp (opcode: Int, operand: Int) extends Instruction
case class Jump (opcode: Int, label: Label) extends Instruction
case class Ldc (opcode: Int, cst: Any) extends Instruction
case class LookupSwitch (opcode: Int, dflt: Label, keys: List[Integer], labels: List[Label]) extends Instruction
case class TableSwitch (opcode: Int, dflt: Label, max: Int, min: Int, labels: List[Label]) extends Instruction
case class Method (opcode: Int, desc: String, name: String, owner: String) extends Instruction
case class NewArray (opcode: Int, desc: String, dims: Int) extends Instruction
case class TypeOp (opcode: Int, desc: String) extends Instruction
case class VarOp (opcode: Int, `var`: Int) extends Instruction
case class Label (opcode: Int, offset: Int) extends Instruction
case class FrameEntry (opcode: Int, local: List[Any], stack: List[Any]) extends Instruction
case class LineNumber (opcode: Int, line: Int, start: Label) extends Instruction
abstract class AsmToScala {
import instructions._
def labelIndex(l: asm.tree.AbstractInsnNode): Int
def mapOver(is: List[Any]): List[Any] = is map {
case i: asm.tree.AbstractInsnNode => apply(i)
case x => x
def lst[T](xs: java.util.List[T]): List[T] = if (xs == null) Nil else xs.asScala.toList
def apply(l: asm.tree.LabelNode): Label = this(l: asm.tree.AbstractInsnNode).asInstanceOf[Label]
def apply(x: asm.tree.AbstractInsnNode): Instruction = x match {
case i: asm.tree.FieldInsnNode => Field (i.getOpcode: Int, i.desc: String, String, i.owner: String)
case i: asm.tree.IincInsnNode => Incr (i.getOpcode: Int, i.incr: Int, i.`var`: Int)
case i: asm.tree.InsnNode => Op (i.getOpcode: Int)
case i: asm.tree.IntInsnNode => IntOp (i.getOpcode: Int, i.operand: Int)
case i: asm.tree.JumpInsnNode => Jump (i.getOpcode: Int, this(i.label))
case i: asm.tree.LdcInsnNode => Ldc (i.getOpcode: Int, i.cst: Any)
case i: asm.tree.LookupSwitchInsnNode => LookupSwitch (i.getOpcode: Int, this(i.dflt), lst(i.keys), mapOver(lst(i.labels)).asInstanceOf[List[Label]])
case i: asm.tree.TableSwitchInsnNode => TableSwitch (i.getOpcode: Int, this(i.dflt), i.max: Int, i.min: Int, mapOver(lst(i.labels)).asInstanceOf[List[Label]])
case i: asm.tree.MethodInsnNode => Method (i.getOpcode: Int, i.desc: String, String, i.owner: String)
case i: asm.tree.MultiANewArrayInsnNode => NewArray (i.getOpcode: Int, i.desc: String, i.dims: Int)
case i: asm.tree.TypeInsnNode => TypeOp (i.getOpcode: Int, i.desc: String)
case i: asm.tree.VarInsnNode => VarOp (i.getOpcode: Int, i.`var`: Int)
case i: asm.tree.LabelNode => Label (i.getOpcode: Int, labelIndex(x))
case i: asm.tree.FrameNode => FrameEntry (i.getOpcode: Int, mapOver(lst(i.local)), mapOver(lst(i.stack)))
case i: asm.tree.LineNumberNode => LineNumber (i.getOpcode: Int, i.line: Int, this(i.start): Label)
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