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package scala
import scala.annotation.meta
object languageFeature {
@meta.languageFeature("extension of type scala.Dynamic", enableRequired = true)
sealed trait dynamics
object dynamics extends dynamics
@meta.languageFeature("postfix operator #", enableRequired = false)
sealed trait postfixOps
object postfixOps extends postfixOps
@meta.languageFeature("reflective access of structural type member #", enableRequired = false)
sealed trait reflectiveCalls
object reflectiveCalls extends reflectiveCalls
@meta.languageFeature("implicit conversion #", enableRequired = false)
sealed trait implicitConversions
object implicitConversions extends implicitConversions
@meta.languageFeature("higher-kinded type", enableRequired = false)
sealed trait higherKinds
object higherKinds extends higherKinds
@meta.languageFeature("#, which cannot be expressed by wildcards, ", enableRequired = false)
sealed trait existentials
object existentials extends existentials
object experimental {
@meta.languageFeature("macro definition", enableRequired = true)
sealed trait macros
object macros extends macros
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