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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2005-2013 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Paul Phillips
package backend
import util.ClassPath
import io.AbstractFile
/** The platform dependent pieces of Global.
trait Platform {
val global: Global
import global._
/** The binary classfile representation type */
type BinaryRepr
/** The compiler classpath. */
def classPath: ClassPath[BinaryRepr]
/** The root symbol loader. */
def rootLoader: LazyType
/** Update classpath with a substitution that maps entries to entries */
def updateClassPath(subst: Map[ClassPath[BinaryRepr], ClassPath[BinaryRepr]])
/** Any platform-specific phases. */
def platformPhases: List[SubComponent]
/** Symbol for a method which compares two objects. */
def externalEquals: Symbol
/** The various ways a boxed primitive might materialize at runtime. */
def isMaybeBoxed(sym: Symbol): Boolean
/** Create a new class loader to load class file `bin` */
def newClassLoader(bin: BinaryRepr): loaders.SymbolLoader
* Tells whether a class should be loaded and entered into the package
* scope. On .NET, this method returns `false` for all synthetic classes
* (anonymous classes, implementation classes, module classes), their
* symtab is encoded in the pickle of another class.
def doLoad(cls: ClassPath[BinaryRepr]#ClassRep): Boolean
* Tells whether a class with both a binary and a source representation
* (found in classpath and in sourcepath) should be re-compiled. Behaves
* on the JVM similar to javac, i.e. if the source file is newer than the classfile,
* a re-compile is triggered. On .NET by contrast classfiles always take precedence.
def needCompile(bin: BinaryRepr, src: AbstractFile): Boolean
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