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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2005-2013 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Paul Phillips
import scala.reflect.runtime.{universe => ru}
/** For testing compiler internals directly.
* Each source code string in "sources" will be compiled, and
* the check function will be called with the source code and the
* resulting CompilationUnit. The check implementation should
* test for what it wants to test and fail (via assert or other
* exception) if it is not happy.
abstract class CompilerTest extends DirectTest {
def check(source: String, unit: global.CompilationUnit): Unit
lazy val global: Global = newCompiler()
lazy val units: List[global.CompilationUnit] = compilationUnits(global)(sources: _ *)
import global._
import definitions._
override def extraSettings = "-usejavacp -d " + testOutput.path
def show() = (sources, units).zipped foreach check
// Override at least one of these...
def code = ""
def sources: List[String] = List(code)
// Utility functions
class MkType(sym: Symbol) {
def apply[M](implicit t: ru.TypeTag[M]): Type =
if (sym eq NoSymbol) NoType
else appliedType(sym, compilerTypeFromTag(t))
implicit def mkMkType(sym: Symbol) = new MkType(sym)
def allMembers(root: Symbol): List[Symbol] = {
def loop(seen: Set[Symbol], roots: List[Symbol]): List[Symbol] = {
val latest = roots flatMap ( filterNot (seen contains _)
if (latest.isEmpty) seen.toList.sortWith(_ isLess _)
else loop(seen ++ latest, latest)
loop(Set(), List(root))
class SymsInPackage(pkgName: String) {
def pkg = rootMirror.getRequiredPackage(pkgName)
def classes = allMembers(pkg) filter (_.isClass)
def modules = allMembers(pkg) filter (_.isModule)
def symbols = classes ++ terms filterNot (_ eq NoSymbol)
def terms = allMembers(pkg) filter (s => s.isTerm && !s.isConstructor)
def tparams = classes flatMap (
def tpes = symbols map (_.tpe) distinct
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