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Use the latest IntelliJ IDEA release and install the Scala plugin from within the IDE.
The following steps are required to use IntelliJ IDEA on Scala trunk
- compile "locker" using "ant locker.done"
- Copy the *.iml.SAMPLE / *.ipr.SAMPLE files to *.iml / *.ipr
- In IDEA, create a global library named "ant" which contains "ant.jar"
- Also create an SDK entry named "1.6" containing the java 1.6 SDK
- In the Scala Facet of the "library" and "reflect" modules, update the path in the
command-line argument for "-sourcepath"
- In the Project Settings, update the "Version Control" to match your checkout
Known problems
- Due to SI-4365, the "library" module has to be built using "-Yno-generic-signatures"
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