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Eclipse project files

Import all projects inside Eclipse by choosing File/Import Existing Projects and navigate to src/eclipse. Check all projects and click ok.


  1. You need to define a path variable inside Eclipse. Define SCALA_BASEDIR in Preferences/General/Workspace/Linked Resources. The value should be the absolute path to your scala checkout. All paths in project files are relative to this one, so nothing will work before you do so.

  2. The Eclipse Java compiler does not allow certain calls to restricted APIs in the JDK. The Scala library uses such APIs, so you'd see this error:

    Access restriction: The method compareAndSwapObject(Object, long, Object, Object)
    from the type Unsafe is not accessible due to restriction on required library.

    You can fix it by allowing calls to restricted APIs in Java=>Compiler=>Errors/Warnings=>Deprecated and Restricted API settings.

  3. The IDE guesses the Scala library version by looking for inside the library jar. The scala-library project does not have such a file, so you will see an error about incompatible libraries. You can work around it by adding a inside src/library with the following contents:

    #Mon, 04 Jun 2012 02:08:56 +0200
    copyright.string=Copyright 2002-2012 LAMP/EPFL
  4. Project files are tracked by Git, so adding them to .gitignore won't prevent them from being shown as dirty in git status. You can still ignore them by telling Git to consider them unchanged:

    git update-index --assume-unchanged `find src/eclipse -iname .classpath -or -iname .project`

If you want to go back to normal (for instance, to commit your changes to project files), run:

    git update-index --no-assume-unchanged `find src/eclipse -iname .classpath -or -iname .project`


The compiler project depends on the library, reflect, asm and fjbg projects. The builder will take care of the correct ordering, and changes in one project will be picked up by the dependent projects.

The output directory is set to be build/quick, so the runner scripts in quick work as they are (run an ant build to have them generated once)

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