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package scala
* Useful imports that don't have wrappers.
package object swing {
type Point = java.awt.Point
type Dimension = java.awt.Dimension
type Rectangle = java.awt.Rectangle
type Insets = java.awt.Insets
type Graphics2D = java.awt.Graphics2D
type Color = java.awt.Color
type Image = java.awt.Image
type Font = java.awt.Font
implicit lazy val reflectiveCalls = scala.language.reflectiveCalls
implicit lazy val implicitConversions = scala.language.implicitConversions
private[swing] def ifNull[A](o: Object, a: A): A = if(o eq null) a else o.asInstanceOf[A]
private[swing] def toOption[A](o: Object): Option[A] = if(o eq null) None else Some(o.asInstanceOf[A])
private[swing] def toAnyRef(x: Any): AnyRef = x.asInstanceOf[AnyRef]
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