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Remove self types check suppression usage from scaladoc.

Also remove private setting not used anymore.
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vigdorchik committed Apr 26, 2013
1 parent c88f733 commit 005a08d38a344c506ef2715bacac61bd56624402
@@ -171,7 +171,6 @@ trait ScalaSettings extends AbsScalaSettings
val etaExpandKeepsStar = BooleanSetting ("-Yeta-expand-keeps-star", "Eta-expand varargs methods to T* rather than Seq[T]. This is a temporary option to ease transition.").
withDeprecationMessage("This flag is scheduled for removal in 2.12. If you have a case where you need this flag then please report a bug.")
val Yinvalidate = StringSetting ("-Yinvalidate", "classpath-entry", "Invalidate classpath entry before run", "")
- val noSelfCheck = BooleanSetting ("-Yno-self-type-checks", "Suppress check for self-type conformance among inherited members.")
val YvirtClasses = false // too embryonic to even expose as a -Y //BooleanSetting ("-Yvirtual-classes", "Support virtual classes")
val YdisableUnreachablePrevention = BooleanSetting("-Ydisable-unreachable-prevention", "Disable the prevention of unreachable blocks in code generation.")
@@ -1749,7 +1749,6 @@ trait Typers extends Adaptations with Tags {
if (!(selfType <:< parent.tpe.typeOfThis) &&
!phase.erasedTypes &&
!context.owner.isSynthetic && // don't check synthetic concrete classes for virtuals (part of DEVIRTUALIZE)
- !settings.noSelfCheck && // setting to suppress this very check
!selfType.isErroneous &&
@@ -204,11 +204,6 @@ class Settings(error: String => Unit, val printMsg: String => Unit = println(_))
"Group similar functions together (based on the @group annotation)"
- // Somewhere slightly before r18708 scaladoc stopped building unless the
- // self-type check was suppressed. I hijacked the slotted-for-removal-anyway
- // suppress-vt-warnings option and renamed it for this purpose.
- noSelfCheck.value = true
// For improved help output.
def scaladocSpecific = Set[Settings#Setting](
docformat, doctitle, docfooter, docversion, docUncompilable, docsourceurl, docgenerator, docRootContent, useStupidTypes,

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