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require redcarpet 3.1 for user-friendly anchors

with_toc_data was updated in vmg/redcarpet#186
to generate pretty ID attributes for Hn headers, which is what we use
for cross-linking
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1 parent f16ab43 commit 09f2a2644f6baeebf038283ba17d33e4f38db752 @adriaanm adriaanm committed Mar 26, 2014
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@@ -5,5 +5,7 @@ markdown: redcarpet
encoding: utf-8
extensions: ["no_intra_emphasis", "fenced_code_blocks", "autolink", "tables", "with_toc_data", "strikethrough", "lax_spacing", "space_after_headers", "superscript", "footnotes"]
+# with_toc_data requires redcarpet 3.1 to get
+# pretty ID attributes for Hn headers (
baseurl: /scala-ref-markdown/
# permalink: /docs/:title.html

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