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[nomaster] revives BuildUtils.emptyValDef

That method was unnecessary in the first place, because we already had
emptyValDef in scala.reflect.api.Trees:
That's a rudiment from the times when we were unsure what to put into
scala.reflect.base and what goes into scala.reflect.api.

Unfortunately, it's not just a harmless extraneous method. Reifier v2.10.0
emits `` when it needs to reify `emptyValDef`. Therefore
we need to restore it to be forward compatible.

However we don't need to rollback the changes to the reifier v2.10.1,
which now simply calls `u.emptyValDef`, because, as mentioned above,
that `emptyValDef` was already there in v2.10.0.
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1 parent 1093ce0 commit 0e0c8515ff52b0a2998f9a36840fb3c0a72c9f04 @xeno-by xeno-by committed Feb 4, 2013
@@ -59,6 +59,8 @@ private[reflect] trait BuildUtils { self: Universe =>
def flagsFromBits(bits: Long): FlagSet
+ def emptyValDef: ValDef
def This(sym: Symbol): Tree
def Select(qualifier: Tree, sym: Symbol): Select
@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@ trait BuildUtils { self: SymbolTable =>
def flagsFromBits(bits: Long): FlagSet = bits
+ def emptyValDef: ValDef = self.emptyValDef
def This(sym: Symbol): Tree = self.This(sym)
def Select(qualifier: Tree, sym: Symbol): Select = self.Select(qualifier, sym)

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