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Commit .gitignore directly

Rather than relying on the cloner to copy the
provided gitignore.SAMPLE files.

This finishes the job started in c485095, mostly
by reverting that commit and moving the two existing
SAMPLE files to the final destinations.

Use `.git/info/exclude` to augment the list of patterns
with entries specific to your workflow.
(cherry picked from commit b51cb58)

Paring back the scope of our shared .gitignore

Importantly, limit the exclusion of
to the file in the root directory, paving the way for
the return of an SBT build.

  - Unignores .bak, .jar, and ~
  - limit ignorance of qbin to the root directory

.log files, generated by partest, are still ignored.

To see ignored files in your workspace, try:

    git ls-files --others --ignored --exclude-standard -- test | grep log
    git status --ignored -- test
(cherry picked from commit f0bbd2c)
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1 parent 7a0d983 commit 133b5c0750259260bfc0b6f354757c3d79bb2c55 @retronym retronym committed Jul 15, 2013
Showing with 48 additions and 35 deletions.
  1. +48 −0 .gitignore
  2. +0 −35 gitignore.SAMPLE
  3. 0 test/files/{gitignore.SAMPLE → .gitignore}
48 .gitignore
@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
+# Are you tempted to edit this file?
+# First consider if the changes make sense for all,
+# or if they are specific to your workflow/system.
+# If it is the latter, you can augment this list with
+# entries in .git/info/excludes
+# see also test/files/.gitignore
+# JARs aren't checked in, they are fetched by Ant /
+# We could be more concise with /lib/**/*.jar but that assumes
+# a late-model git.
+# Developer specific Ant properties
+# target directories for ant build
+# other
+# eclipse, intellij
+# Standard symbolic link to build/quick/bin
35 gitignore.SAMPLE
@@ -1,35 +0,0 @@
-# see also test/files/.gitignore
-# target directories for ant build
-# other
-# eclipse, intellij
-# bak files produced by ./cleanup-commit
0 test/files/gitignore.SAMPLE → test/files/.gitignore
File renamed without changes.

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