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SI-5605 case class equals only considers first param section

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1 parent 51f3ac1 commit 192152808cbcbbb6fe657295a288ebe12456b93e @adriaanm adriaanm committed Mar 12, 2014
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@@ -915,7 +915,7 @@ class different from `AnyRef`. In particular:
- Method `equals: (Any)Boolean` is structural equality, where two
instances are equal if they both belong to the case class in question and they
- have equal (with respect to `equals`) constructor arguments.
+ have equal (with respect to `equals`) constructor arguments (restricted to the class's _elements_, i.e., the first parameter section).
- Method `hashCode: Int` computes a hash-code. If the hashCode methods
of the data structure members map equal (with respect to equals)
values to equal hash-codes, then the case class hashCode method does

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